Confronting Information Ethics in the New Millennium

A Note from the Editors
College is life’s dress rehearsal. As students, we are expected to use these few short years to develop the skill set necessary to succeed at the next level. Though we certainly learn an enormous amount from what is taught in the classroom, as students we spend so much time practicing for the real world that we very rarely get the opportunity to actually experience it. This class provided us the unique opportunity to not just write a another paper, but to put together a book, Confronting Information Ethics in the New Millennium. In doing so, we were provided an opportunity to not only expand our own understanding of the world but also contribute to our society’s understanding of itself.
It should be noted that this book is an exercise in critical thinking. In a world where money and morals are sometimes considered to be mutually exclusive, it is imperative for business schools to spend as much time teaching ethics as they do on how to build a balance sheet. This book was written with that idea. There is more to business than maximizing share price, pleasing shareholders and filling one’s a bank account.
In that aspect as editors, we believe we have succeeded. We have selected eighteen essays to be included in this volume. Though we may not necessarily agree with each one we recognize that they all look at the world in a meaningful and interesting way. In that same vein, we don’t guarantee the accuracy of the arguments or the citations contained within each essay but we are confident reading them will, at the very least, help you to think critically about the subject matter. If there are grammatical or formatting errors we apologize. We focused on creating something thought provoking and our time constraints provided that there would be inherent, unavoidable errors.
We would like to thank our classmates and fellow authors who worked tirelessly to create a compilation of essays that we can be proud of. We would also like to thank Dr. Dirk Hovorka for his guidance and leadership throughout this process. Without him this book simply would not be possible.
So with the dress rehearsal out of the way, this is our opening night. We hope you have as much fun reading this volume as much as we did putting it together.